How To Break 80: Driver Training Program

“Learn The Secrets Of Hitting Your Tee Ball Long, Straight and Like A Machine…In Less Than 45 Minutes!” “The game’s much easier when you have a short iron in your hand for a second shot”.


Here’s what you’ll learn in my Driver Training Program

If you’re serious about breaking 80 or simply going as low as possible, you MUST, and I mean MUST, know how to hit the tee ball. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if an average golf hole is roughly 380-400 yards and you can figure out a way to drive the ball 230-250 yards consistently and keep it in play, you’ll be hitting short irons for your approach shots.

 My goal is to show you how to do this. Why? Simple. Hitting a good tee ball makes all the difference in the world. When I was growing up the single biggest difference that changed my game was learning how to to hit the tee ball a certain distance. Once I could get the ball out there far enough, I knew I could eliminate or minimize the amount of times I had to hit long irons or woods into greens. The result? Shorter irons led me to hit a lot more greens in regulation. And oh yeah, it’s kind of fun too when you can bomb those drives with a perfect ascending trajectory and draw with great control.

So, here’s the deal: We’ve put together this DVD called Driver. We shot 7 compact and amazingly simple lessons on the driver for you (they only average about 4 minutes). All the fundamentals are covered, even as you learn our unique system for every component of the swing. And each lesson is exclusively designed to ratchet these techniques directly into your brain by using state-of-the-art technology… We really took this critical instruction to a whole new level.

Here’s what makes our Driver DVD different from other DVD’s… -The painful lesson that we all have to admit is simply this: The traditional golf methods typically DO NOT WORK for the average guy with a family, a job, and a life. We’ve simplified the swing using the driver so that you don’t have to practice 20 hours a week and be in great shape. It’s simple: It’s based on how your body works naturally. It only uses the bare minimum of necessary motion – and it stops there!

-As a result, it can be learned in three-quarters of an hour, not three-quarters of your life. -By using state-of-the-art swing analysis software, cutting-edge video production, and veteran instructors – the 7 compact and amazingly simple lessons on our Driver DVD are the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to hone your drives to laser-guided accuracy.

The bottom line is… I know you’re serious and want to improve….that’s why you’re reading this in the first place – you’re not like the ”rest of the golfing world”. You know there are secrets that will open up the pro game to you. That’s where my Driver DVD comes in.  It can change your golf game immediately.

And get this… along with your purchase of the Driver DVD, you’ll receive my complimentary bonus material just for ordering! Check it out below.

Go Low!


How to Break 80 Bonuses
Bonus #1: Transcription of the DVD.This is the DVD in PDF format, so you can study it, take notes, or take it to the range while you practice. It lays out all of the fundamentals, and word for word describes the DVD.
Bonus #2: Downloadable MP3 Audio of the DVD – Driver. Reading + Listening = Better Retention. You can listen in your car, on long drives and on your way to the course. Download the soundtracks to your IPOD or mp3 player so you can listen on the go. (I like to listen to audio when working out, or better yet, when I’m practicing on the range).
Bonus #3: “Fit to a Tee”, a 17-page booklet.Discover the missing link to playing your best golf.Mike Peterson’s guide will give you the basics behind the secrets of golf conditioning.Once you find out how simple it is to apply golf fitness to your lifestyle, you will be amazed how quickly you’ll catapult your golf performance!­­
Bonus #4: “Keys to a Repeatable Swing”. One of the most important, yet overlooked fundamentals of the golf swing. An exclusive article by Jack Moorehouse.

Total Value of all Bonus Material $150

moneybackguaranteeAlong with these great bonuses, I’m going to go one step further – If our driver dvd does not meet your expectation,  I will refund the entire purchase price.  So, just for trying it, I’ll give you a 60 day money-back guarantee from the date of your purchase! No questions asked.


I am hitting the ball at least 10 yards further

—Barry Mortimer

Just back from my best round ever, I shot 86 on a course I had never played before. I was shooting north of 100-110. Before I saw the documents you supplied I was happy to score 95-100. Within a few months of using the advice from your DVD, the result is speaking for itself. I have taken about 5-10 shots of my scores in a short space of time.

—Jon Stone

All I can say is I wished I could have had this kind of instruction 50 or 60 years ago (I am now 82). I consistently watched the DVD’s, downloaded the written instructions, made notes and practiced with puff balls in the back yard and then took it to the golf range, before I went out for my first attempt on the golf course. Needless to say the transformation was spectacular. I remember how surprised my foursome was of my improvement. I was starting to hit my drives strait (without the dreaded slice) and at least 10 to 15 yards longer. Cheers.

—Stanley Mish